A magical winter getaway: Hotel 48 Nord

Are you looking for a magical winter weekend getaway that isn’t too far? Stop scrolling and let me tell you more about the beautiful region of the Alsace in France. Last year Valerie invited me for a stay at Hotel 48 Nord in the Alsace. A beautiful four star hotel located in Breitenbach, France. A landscape hotel, where nature and comfort go hand in hand.

Hotel 48 Nord

Hotel 48 Nord is located in the beautiful region of the Alsace. Where you will find the most picturesque towns and beautiful vineyards. A place where you can still enjoy complete stillness and watch the stars right from your hottub or private sauna.

Hotel 48 Nord isn’t your typical hotel. It features 14 cabins, scattered on their grounds. Where you will head down to dinner with a night lamp. One of the unique experiences of staying at this beautiful hotel.

Even though you will be staying in one of the cabins, you won’t have to turn down on any luxury. As most of the cabins are equipped with their own sauna or hottub.

A culinary treat

If you are anything like me, you love to eat. Well, while staying at Hotel 48 Nord, you won’t have to leave the hotel to enjoy the most amazing food. All the food is grown in their own organic vegetable garden, or is locally sourced. A fully vegetarian meal is even possible. As a non-vegetarian I loved their vegetarian dinner.

Their breakfast buffet is also incredible, with an incredible assortment of different sorts of breads and lots of fruits and vegetable options.

What to do while you are staying at Hotel 48 Nord?

The weekend we stayed at Hotel 48 Nord, we had the luck of witnessing the first snow fall of the season. In my opinion there is now better snowfall than the first snowfall. It just holds something magical. The entire world is covered in this beautiful white dusting. Ofcourse we couldn’t visit the Alsace without going for a hike, but with the snow, a regular hike wasn’t possible on top of the mountain. So we headed out with our tour guide to go snowshoeing. It was the first time ever for me, but it was the most incredible experience ever. At first it is a bit awkward to walk in snow shoes, but as soon as you get the hang of it it is incredible. We did an entire loop on the mountain, where the hotel is located, which was absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend heading out with a guide.

Riquewihr, a Disney village

As I said earlier, the Alsace is known for it’s picturesque villages and their vineyards. We visited one of the most beautiful towns while we were there Riquewihr. Which the hotel owner Emil, described as a Disney like town. And this couldn’t be more true. It is truly a magical village. Especially around Christmas time, it is worth a visit.

As you can imagine it was a weekend worth remembering in one of the most beautiful hotels. This hotel is truly unique with it’s beautiful cabins, with the most beautiful view of the Alsace. A place to discover and come back to enjoy comfort and peace amongst nature’s beauty.