About me

Who is the person behind this blog? Well my name is Angelique and I am a Dutch girl, who lives in Zeeland. I have been affected by the travel bug since I was little and besides that I absolutely love photography.

I try to travel as much as possible next to my day job at the office. We try to get in at least 6 weeks of travel a year. This varies from a week camping to a 4 week road trip or just a weekend getaway. So you can imagine I have accumalated quite some stories the last few years, which are just waiting to be told.

We either travel with the two of us, my boyfriend and me , or with the three of us, my boyfriend, our pup Milow and me. Milow is the most curious pup and always wants to go on an adventure.

We love to travel by car, camping in Europe with our tent. Now and then we will spoil ourselves and spend the night in a hotel.

If there is anything else you would love to know about me send me a message and I would love to answer your questions.


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